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    Soil is for plants

    It is a rooted "house" and Supply the nutrients needed for growth It is also a "food".

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    Stable safety and security

    To deliver Mined in selected locations With "yellow diamond" Kanuma soil called.

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    With the latest equipment

    Achieves work efficiency and high quality. Speedy for mass production.

Five features of Ibaraki Prefektur Japan prefecture's special product "Kanuma soil"

  1. Acidic soil that does not contain fertilizer components
  2. The grains are hard and do not crumble easily
  3. Good balance between drainage and water retention
  4. Clean soil where germs do not easily grow
  5. Easy to judge the amount of water by the color of the soil

The characteristics of Kanuma soil are that it is acidic soil that does not contain fertilizer, the grains are hard and hard to collapse, and it is porous and has excellent inflow and outflow of air and water. Especially the water retention capacity is much higher than other pumice stones. Kanuma soil, which has high water retention and breathability, is porous and has high water retention, and is clean soil that contains almost no nutrients such as soil organic matter, pests, and weed seeds, so it is a soil for cuttings of trees that dislike germs. Is pleased as. The exquisite blend that we have developed independently makes a difference in how we grow. Dr. X, who is particular about the results, always reflects the voices of customers and does not cut corners in product manufacturing.

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Dr. X handling Product List

燒成黑土 Baked KOKUDO

栄養豊富 な天然原料を、特別にソフト焼結 しいます。有機酸が多く含まれ、高いCEC値,と低い EC値を持ち、長期間安定的に弱酸性を保つ、扱いやすい粒状品です。 Made from natural material with good balance of nutrient, using special soft baking method. Rich in humic acid, has high CEC and low EC value. It is weak acid substrate in granule form that will stable for long period.

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燒成赤玉土 Baked AKADAMA SOIL

丁寧に焼き上げ、無菌で雑草の種の混入もありません。多孔質・硬質粒状で、通気性・排水性が良く、同時に透水性・保水性・保肥力にも優れています。鉄分を多く含み、弱酸性でEC値が低く、配合用土に最適です。Pre-baked, sterile and no weeds. Porous hard granule, has good drainage, but also excellent water & fertilizer permeability and retention. Weakly acidic, rich in iron, and low EC value.

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硬質鹿沼土 Hard KANUMA SOIL


Granular with sponge like structure, has excellent water retention and breathability. Stronger acidity than Akadama, suitable for acid loving plants. It can be mixed with Akadama soil and used as the bottom layer in the pot.

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硬質鹿沼土 Hard KANUMA SOIL

燒成輕石  Baked KEISEKI

特選天然軽石使用, 軽量で通気性・排水性は赤玉土より優れ、混合して、改善に適しています。洗浄済・焼き上げ、無菌で、直接使用・洗浄不要です。Use special grade Pumice, light Volume with better breathability and drainage than Akadama, so it is suitable for improvement by mixing. Pre-wash and baked. Sterile, directly use, don't wash.

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燒成輕石  Baked  KEISEKI